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Name that choir…Part II….

Here’s another one….post your guess in the “Leave a comment”┬ásection below!!

(Click on the picture to enlarge!)

7 comments to Name that choir…Part II….

  • lemonds

    The yellow dresses were the best! Choir of 73-74

  • kathy

    Those dresses were bulletproof! They could fall to the bottom of the garment bag and you could pull them out and they still looked good on. Way more comfortable than the blue ones the year before.

    Good grief, Chuck … I had totally forgotten how big your hair was that year! Yowza.

  • PeterGabel

    Yup. 73-74. don’t we look fine?

  • Heidi Hepler

    I was an AFS exchange student for the year to Australia – so am not in the photo.
    My brother Todd Curtis (Hepler) is top 4th row from right.
    Love the big hair all over the place.!!!

  • David Birdsall

    What is Todd up to these days? We used to battle for first trumpet in the jazz band. Class of 75. for those of you who remember me.

  • ccosens

    Cindy (Cosens) Swigert:
    Yes, and that’s me next to Heidi’s brother, Todd – peeking out over Chuck’s hair! Good thing we didn’t have to stand any closer together with all that hair goin’ on!

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