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From the desk of Doc



In just one year, we are planning a celebration to commemorate all the wonderful things that have happened to the young men and women who were once members of the


For many of us, life has brought experiences great and small, joyous and sad, but each giving its lesson for that particular time in our lives.  Today we realize we are the sum total of those experiences-which included those formative years spent in the exciting realm of our BCC.  It would be tragic if we couldn’t enjoy one final celebration in the form of a homecoming.  To this end, several of your classmates have already given many hours of creative planning to bring such a celebration into reality here in Livonia. 

Please come and join us in this finale to our years of experience and reminiscence.  We are using the theme “Christmas at Home“.  Our celebration will be focused in Christmas traditions and music. In fact, our Bentley sing-along will highlight the music that many of you sang in the Bentley Christmas productions.  For most of the country, Thanksgiving weekend usually ends with a Christmas thrust and we will certainly capitalize on this opportunity to enjoy singing the great music of the season.  The evening will include entertainment by your classmates and a carol-sing for everyone!!

I personally look forward to catching up with you.  I’ve been looking over the old yearbooks, choir pictures and recordings and know you have wonderful stories to tell. 

Please understand that although this is a 75th birthday celebration for the old man, it is far more!  Come and allow yourselves to reminisce with me and your classmates for one special evening. 


Dr. Jerry J. Smith


P.S.  NO GIFTS PLEASE! BUT, I would really enjoy a written note as to what special things have been a part of your life AND A SPECIAL MEMORY OF THE BCC!  Thanks.



6 comments to From the desk of Doc

  • m.morley

    Wow, seeing that beautiful grand again had me flashing back to the piano lessons Mrs. Smith patiently endured, while I demonstrated how an utter lack of instrumental talent is not enhanced by minimal practice time. (I humbly apologize, Mrs. S, you were a saint!) I think Doc will agree, I was a trifle better vocalist. Love to you both, a blessed holiday, and I cannot wait for this reunion.
    Mary (Boitos) Morley

  • louiselarry

    Oh wow. Were we ever that young! Have a very special Christmas. I look forward to us all getting together. Surely, Jerry, you are not that old! Candy Posey, Ruth Handley, June Schneeman and I get together over dinner fairly often and get to share memories of those choir years. What a bond we share all because of you and the Choir.

  • karen waldo

    I too am very excited for this celebration. The legacy of the numerous lives you have touched is really quite a blessing, & this life is definitely one of the many! I get all ‘verklempt’ just thinking about the times in BCC. The highlight of my Bentley years. 🙂
    Merry Christmas Dr. & Mrs. Smith!
    God bless you,
    Karen (Chubb) Waldo

  • Broke It

    I am looking forward to this celebration of not only the wonderful years I spent with you and the Choir but to see you and Mrs. Smith still healthy and happy together. The years have been long and my separtation from my Bently “Family” has seemed even longer. Happy and Blessed New Year to you and Sharon.


    Ron Broquet

  • hubbasa6

    I think I have finally stopped enough tears to see the screen and type. It’s amazing what we take for granted! Can I even begin to tell the deep appreciation I realize that I have for you, Dr. Smith and Mrs. Smith? WOW! Thank you for sharing the gospel of Christ through music with me. Thank you for enduring disrespect at times and yet you’ve gained such great respect for what you’ve endured. I’m sssoooo excited about coming in November.
    Love & prayers,
    Sally (Swales)Hubbard (now old mother Hubbard 🙂

  • lemonds

    Thanks for the music impact on my life. My music teacher career has not only been in Michigan but also in Kentucky and Virginia. I am back in Michigan now where I am also a Church Music director, President of Mid-Michigan Orff Music Assoc., Elementary Music teacher in Grand Ledge schools, and work part time for Olivet College. My daughter is in college to be a music teacher and my son is highly involved in music in h.s. The music keeps just going on and on. Thanks again for the many opportunities you gave me which led to a great career and life!
    Denise (Lemonds) Wilkinson Choirs 73-75

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